Guided Africa



"Coaching is a partnership in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires the client to maximise their personal and professional potential.
The focus is on setting goals, creating outcomes and managing professional and personal change." - International Coaching Federation

As a coach, my role is to support my clients to enjoy fulfilled, purposeful and integrated lives.

My coaching programmes are designed specifically to support you to discover and align with your goals, needs and authentic self.  

I qualified as an integral coach through the ICF Accredited Programme at The UCT Graduate School of Business: Centre For Coaching.

My coaching services are available to:
    • organisations
    • small businesses
    • individuals 


I offer multi-lingual, culturally attuned and socially informed coaching that is relevant and responsive to the dynamic and complex landscape of South Africa.

Guided Coaching

Many of us are under pressure to put our professional, cultural and personal responsibilities ahead of our needs, goals and desires.

These pressures can lead many of us to ‘lose’ ourselves as we try to keep up with the demands our modern lives.

Coaching supports us to reclaim and resonate with who we are and to integrate all aspects of our lives bringing wholeness, purpose and meaningfulness.

Coaching is a means for us to self-direct and transform their lives in a meaningful way based on their initiative and capabilities.

The Guided Coaching programmes are designed to support you in your professional roles, personal life and inner world.

Each programme is tailored to suit every individual, for who they are, where they are and where they are going.

Guided Coaching offers:

  • A practical approach to personal and professional transformation
  • Integration of the FULL picture of who we are – cultural, spiritual, cognitive and emotional
  • Culturally informed and attuned foundation
  • A wealth of indigenous knowledge, wisdom and specialised expertise
  • Self-authored and self-driven transformation 
  • Foundation to generate lasting excellence
  • An opportunity to explore and gain your purpose and wholeness in all parts of your life

Comprehensive Programme

  • 1  complimentary session
  • 12 sessions over 6 months


| Identify your strengths and how to use them to excel in your life

| Consolidate your values and integrate them into your leadership and professional development

| Develop, plan and implement your life strategy

| Identify and clarify your purpose and direction

| Goal alignment and achievement

| Identify opportunities for professional and personal success

| Clarify and identify your purpose

| Integration of your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical worlds

| Gain the capacity to expand meaningfully into all your life’s roles

Relationship Programme

  • 1 complimentary session
  • 6 sessions over 12 weeks


| Explore your emotional landscape to gain power, perspective and purpose

| Identify and transform behaviours and beliefs that keep you in cycles of pain and broken promises

| Align with your true needs to gain the best of your relationship with yourself and others

| Release fear and embrace your values and strengths

| Reclaim confidence, hope, courage and discernment

| Expand into new possibilities for the life you deserve